Alexander Kowalski (DE)

Alexander Kowalski (DE)

subota, 9. mar u 23:00 - 06:00

Producer of "Speaker Attack" and "All I got to know" plays Drugstore for the first time.

Alexander Kowalski (Official)
Steve Tech
David Popovic

Alexander Kowalski planted the seeds of his career at the very end of the XX century. Not long after he moved to Berlin in the 90s and got in touch with the freshest material hailing from Detroit did he have his first Live performance at Tresor Berlin which lead to his first releases in 1999 as DisX3 and Double X (collaboration with Stassy). He released his first album 'Echoes' in 2001. Last year, in 2018, his fifth studio album 'Cycles' saw the light of the day. His signature deep, dub, house and techno sounds aswell as usage of vocals is what earned him a status of a cult producer and critic's favorite.

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