Dailcyid XXX w/DJ W!LD more TBA

Dailcyid XXX w/DJ W!LD more TBA

četvrtak, 25. jul u 23:00

DJ W!LD is bringing a game changing party, combining an absurd performance and scenery with some of the best underground names in the industry.
Dailycid XXX is a playful and steamy party at a very special spot for those who like a frisson of excitement in their nights out. Taking you back to the hedonistic days of Ibiza but in a safe and friendly space, the fetish themed party is an exclusive and elegant gathering that invites you to become someone else for one night only. Dress up in your favourite fetish wear, don a mask and indulge your inner desires at a party full of surprises, special performances and an immersive soundtrack. They say that if you give someone a mask and they’ll tell you the truth, and that’s what this playful party is all about…


- clothing of latex, leather, rubber
- stylish underwear, corsets, stockings
- sexy costumes
- you can use masquerade or masks for dresses for more anonymity

See u one the dance floor ;)

Drugi događaji u Ibica (25. jul)