Multi Culti Thomas Von Party, Facets, Myn, RTMC, Andi

Multi Culti Thomas Von Party, Facets, Myn, RTMC, Andi

četvrtak, 11. apr u 22:00

Good Room presents...
Multi Culti with
Thomas Von Party
in the Bad Room

Free for Good Room Members before midnight / $5 after

Free with RSVP before midnight -

Tickets - $10 advanced via Resident Advisor

Since 2013 Multi Culti has been releasing music to trip to, music to meditate on and music to heal the world. Founded by Thomas Von Party and Angus Gruzman (aka Dreems), the pair has been putting out world-inspired electronic music with the aim of multiplying your mind. Von Party will be playing at the first Multi Culti party at Good Room with Samo Records' Facets.

Public System Recordings founder Myn is headlining the Bad Room. The French DJ and producer exhibits his tastes for aural oddities with his industrial beat-tech experimentations with a side of EBM, minimal wave, electro and acid nuances. He will be joined by locals RTMC (Mini-Mall) and Andi (Synthicide).


*d&b audiotechnik supplied by Oxygen Eventworks*

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