Aunty Donna - Glennridge Graduation Party - Melbourne (Sold Out)

Aunty Donna - Glennridge Graduation Party - Melbourne (Sold Out)

petak, 19. jul u 20:00

Aunty Donna: Glennridge Graduation Party
A Sketch Show and A Dance Party.

To celebrate the wild success of Glennridge Secondary College, Aunty Donna are throwing a STANDING ROOM ONLY show featuring live performances of all your favourite sketches from Glennridge, some Oldies but Goldies, Brand New Never Before Seen Stuff, and capping the whole night off with a proper big Dance Party ALL OF WHICH WILL BE STANDING ROOM ONLY.

It’s a ridiculous, loose as extravaganza that’ll go for like 3 bloody hours! Come hang the eff’ out with your favourite comedy boys! Or don’t. It’s your lunchtime. Haha. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SIT FOR THIS EVENT. THE ENTIRE EVENT IS STANDING-ROOM-ONLY. WE COULD NOT BE MORE CLEAR ABOUT THIS he he he.

8:00PM - Doors Open.
8:30PM - Live Sketch Comedy
9:15PM - Interval
9:45PM - More Live Sketch Comedy but More Fucked
10:30PM - Dance Party (Not as Fucked as Act 2 But Pretty Fucked)
*nb. times are approximate and may be changed without notice